The money revolution

Flow is a Product First company with a design thinking mentality. We set our alarm clock each morning to help people reach their financial life goals. Willpower, discipline, and staring at insights from PFM apps are not going to make you reach those goals. We believe in the power of automated money management.

What defines us at Flow?

We are well on our way with reaching our mission: Helping 10 million people reach their financial goal in the next 10 years. Enabling anyone to experience financial freedom in any form is what drives us.

Faith in our journey
We find it important that we can trust each other, especially in a remote-first environment. We’d like to open up and share what is on our hearts. Great teams do not hold back with one another.

Love our customers
The obsession we have with our customers is unique, we really care about our users and their financial wellbeing. This translates into a product focussed business where we always ask ourselves the question: What do our users need?

Ownership in what we do
Everybody at Flow owns their work. They feel responsible and drive projects and initiatives further. We are result driven and feel accountable for their work.

We find our way around challenges
And at most we are on a big adventure! We are creating a new category of money management app. People working at Flow are adventurous and need to be creative in finding solutions for the problems we find along our journey.

Product First

Our founding team has a strong background in product and understand what customers truly want. This makers culture is embed in our organisation. Other than making cutting edge technology, our platform is on the path to making a big difference. There is nothing traditional about what we do.

Above all we are friendly humans working together. People with a real life, outside of work. People that love cooking, dancing, running, gaming, reading or opera. We will be looking for people with empathy, passion and someone who shares the fun in work and makes us smile, even when things are hard.

Why work at Flow?

🚀 In 2022, we secured €3.5 million in Series Seed funding. We’re going places – fast.

🗽 Backed by big names from the likes of Adyen, Yolt and other successful fintechs. Their expertise and enthusiasm is infectious

🎯 We champion ‘extreme ownership’ – being not just the owner of your own tasks, but a key member of a team united by, and accountable for, common goals

🔥 Our culture is rooted in ambition. Discover what it’s like to work for a start-up on the cusp of achieving something big

🏠 We’re aiming to create the perfect balance between remote and office-based work; we want an environment you can thrive in

We're committed to building a team capable of building a product for everyone, representing different and varied backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We welcome applications from everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, civil or family status or age.